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Forex Tester 2 – Simulated Risk Free Forex Trading At Its Finest

Forex Tester 2Forex Tester 2 is a Forex Simulator that has been specially designed to simulate the Forex trading environment as accurately as possible.  Forex Tester 2 allows novice traders to easily develop their confidence and trading skills without them having to risk any real money. Developing confidence and learning to trade in a risk free way is an essential step for the novice trader and the newly released Forex Tester 2 simulator is among the best tools available for this exact purpose. Seasoned currency traders also find using Forex Tester 2 very efficient and helpful in providing a risk free means of testing and tweaking new trading strategies or methods before taking them to the live trading environment.

Forex Tester 2 – What’s IT Gonna Do For ME?

Forex Tester 2 teaches automated trading strategies with the intent of enabling the investor to not have to sit in a chair staring at a screen while seeking to make a fortune on the Forex market. Forex Tester 2 uses statistics which allow the user to set up a trading strategy using viable information providing the investor the ability to make a solid determination on whether or not their strategy is viable.

The Forex Tester 2 uses a catalog of 10 years worth of historical data to provide users with enough data to construct strategies based on real life scenarios. It is easy to simulate years of trading within just a few hours with this state of the art easy to use stand alone program.  Users of the Forex Tester 2 simulator are able to test in gold, silver and over 18 other real world currencies. Additionally, they are able to work with an extensive selection of indicators, allowing them a real world sandbox modeling platform in which to create before applying their formulated strategy to an authenticated trading environment using real money. This means fewer and lower losses for the wise investors that trade with Forex Tester 2.

Forex Tester 2 Compatibility

Forex Tester 2 has been designed with the novice trader in mind and there are a myriad of support items to help users towards success with the system. Operating on the windows platform, Forex Tester 2 is available to most PC users worldwide. Apple users however, will have to install a windows clone program on their MAC in order to use the program as Forex Tester 2 is not yet available for the APPLE platform.

Forex Tester 2 Multi-Window Interface Screen Shot

Forex Tester 2 Trading Simulator

For more screenshots or to view Forex Tester 2 video tutorials, click the image above and navigate to the Media section. From there, you can select either to view Screenshots or the Forex Tester 2 Video Tutorials!

Forex Tester 2 has many testimonials praising its ease of use and ability to teach viable trading strategies. Most of the praise deals with its ability to learn indicators, with many users wishing they had purchased this program before they had tried out others.

Forex Tester 2 Provides Trading Experience Without Losses

Forex has become quite popular among investors since it was deregulated, allowing individual non-licensed traders into the market with promises of quicker payouts compared to other investment venues. Persons interested in trading currencies, should be warned that foreign exchange trading, especially on margins carries a high risk level.  Leverage can work against the trader as much as it works for them.   As with all things, moderation is best.  Traders should never risk more than they can afford to lose. It is always advisable to seek the advice of an independent financial advisor before beginning any trading program.

Utilizing the Forex Tester 2 software however, is a great way to begin your trading venture without any risks. This is absolutely the best thing a novice trader can gain from the purchase of a really good trading simulator like Forex Tester 2, the ability to learn currency trading from first hand and personal experience of placing simulated trades without the possibility of losing any money. We all know the best lessons in life are learned from our own personal experiences and that’s exactly what Forex Tester 2 will provide for you….Experience in trading, experience in gains and experience in losses….In simulation of course:-)

Take Forex Tester 2 out for a FREE test drive today at → Forex Tester 2.

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