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Track N Trade – Is It Really The Best Trading Software?

Track N Trade By Gecko Software

Track n Trade by Gecko Software brings investors the ultimate in trading machines with industry leading software for traders and investors of Forex, Stocks and Futures (Commodities). Gecko Software is constantly updating their Track n Trade product line with newer versions being designed to incorporate all the proven elements and intuitive capabilities from the previous version, so even though Track n Trade already stands in a class of it’s own it is constantly evolving and improving. The Track n Trade product line has become Gecko’s pride and joy and the reasons are obvious with the success that Track n Trade has enjoyed.

The Track n Trade trading platform is a real time trading platform. Users of Track n Trade can place real trades very easily on the charts with very simple drag and drop functions or often times by simply clicking a single button. For many of it’s users, Track n Trade has made trading a breeze and a lot of fun.

The award winning Track n Trade Commodity Trading and Charting Platform was designed by Gecko Software to assist Futures traders in becoming successful at trading Commodities. The entire Track n Trade product line of trading software has been featured multiple times in some of the industry’s top national publications including Stocks and Commodities, Futures Magazine, Traders World, and Active Trader.

Track N Trade Suits The Needs Of Most Any Trader

Track n Trade has striven to produce not only the most effective trading programs and software but they are also dedicated to producing updated plug-ins that are compatible for the Track n Trade software, enhancing Track n Trade’s capabilities even further for the more advanced users. There are 4 versions of the Track n Trade software that are currently available and each version has designated plug-ins to accompany them. The 4 versions of Track n Trade currently made available by Gecko are:

  • TNT Live Forex
  • TNT Live Futures
  • TNT 5.0 End Of Day Futures
  • TNT Stocks

Advanced Plug-ins Available For Track N Trade Software

Like we briefly mentioned before, Track n Trade offers many plug-ins with unique capabilities that are available for the 4 versions of Track n Trade trading software. These plug-ins give an edge to the investor by enhancing the capabilities of the Track n Trade software even further. Whether it’s an in-depth analysis of the market that only the user of the plug-in can obtain or more automation, Track n Trade provides it. Let’s take a look at some of these plug-ins and what they can do for you.

Track N Trade Bulls N Bears Plugin


Bulls n Bears Plug-in: This plug-in is a proprietary trading package with 3 main indicators that will help you identify trends. The Track n Trade Bulls n Bears plug-in has received rave reviews and is noted for having it’s unique red light / green light system. Bulls n Bears identifies trends from neutral to bullish and from neutral to bearish. It is also equipped with the Ribbon Indicator. This indicator is a series of moving averages that help the trader filter out less profitable buy/sell signals from traditional indicators. The Advantage line which is also incorporated is a mathematically altered hybrid moving average system that gives entry signals with very little whipsaw.

Track N Trade Autopilot Plugin


Autopilot Plug-in: The Autopilot plug-in by Track n Trade will automatically execute your trades for you once configured! This plug-in has a powerful click and reset user friendly interface which allows you to design your own custom system for the plug-in to function by, with no other programming needed to operate the Autopilot plug-in. This Track n Trade plugin was designed to allow trading with a click of a mouse, saving a lot of time for the investor. When your using this plug-in, whenever an investor makes even the slightest change, it has the ability to auto calculate. Also to note are the quick calculation buttons to find the most profitable trade solutions for you!

Track N Trade Commitment Of Traders Plugin


Commitment Of Traders Plug-in: This amazing and legal insider trading tool gives you the overall picture of what is happening behind the curtains of each market. This Track n Trade plug-in will disclose who is buying and who is selling. It is always a smart idea to follow the steps of the pros and this plug-in allows you to do just that. COF has very easy to read red/green/blue signals for each designated group of traders. All of this information is presented in an easy to read histogram. These signals are easily read and predict the market with great accuracy. This tool is the tool for you if your looking to follow who is making big money, and make more for yourself!

Track N Trade Historical Trade Simulator Plugin


Historical Trade Simulator Plug-in: The Track n Trade Historical Trade Simulator plug-in is certainly worth its weight in gold, and a whole lot more for the savvy trader. This Track n Trade plug-in allows you to see whether or not your particular trading strategy would have done well in last year’s market. This will give you a really good insight into whether or not you should make any adjustments to your trading strategies. Track n Trade also offers a service to their users which is known as the daily download. The daily download service enables investors to actually simulate trading today’s end-of-day.

Track N Trade Seasonal Plugin


Seasonal Plug-in: This plug-in takes the fundamental nature of the commodities market and turns it into a powerful technical indicator! The Seasonal plug-in will answer a very crucial question when it comes to trading the Futures market, does history repeat itself? With this plug-in you see this answer first hand and are able to analyze and predict the future with over 30 years of historical data that comes along with this Track n Trade tool. With the historical data you can predict which way the market is heading and react accordingly. As you already know, the market flows in a very seasonal nature and this plug-in will guide you through them and become your decision maker.

Track N Trade Advanced Tools Plugin


Advanced Tools Plug-in: This one provides dozens of advanced tools and additional indicators, this is everything you need for in depth technical analysis. Advanced Tools helps minimize your risk while increasing your profits. Of the technical tools that are included with this Track n Trade plug-in are the Fibonacci, Gann Fann, and Elliot Wave. These technical tools help you understand how and when to enter a market with the assortment of indicators helping you understand market movements. AT was designed with traders of all skill levels in mind to give you a different insight that will help improve your profits.

Track N Trade Spreads Plugin


Spreads Plug-in: The Spreads Plug-in will help investors generate futures spread charts very quickly and easily. This Track n Trade plug-in will also teach investors how to leg in or out of large market positions. Large speculators and professional traders minimize their risk and maximize their profits through spread trading, an investment strategy that this plug-in allows you to do with ease. With the click of a mouse the investor is able to generate an easy to read spreads chart. This plug-in also allows you to trade spreads using traditional indicators such as MACD and Stochastic. Also included with Spreads is the commonly traded spreads and their margins.

Track N Trade Options Plugin


Options Plug-in: The Track n Trade Options plug-in enables you with the simple push of a button to place or call options orders directly onto the Futures chart window. The orders tool will automatically snap to different strike prices then show you the actual dollar value of the option on a given day. Would you drive without insurance? Why would you trade without options? These are 2 questions commonly posed to traders by Track n Trade, that give meaning to what options are. With this tool your able to gain an unfair advantage over the “market makers” by having control and keeping track of your options profits and losses concurrent with your futures orders. By having two specialized indicators and a risk vs. reward calculator, this Track n Trade tool gives you the power to finally trade options successfully!

Track N Trade’s Dedication Toward Continued Education

Since 1998, when the first Track n Trade program was released, it has changed the outlook of the trading world and made it’s mark in this ever competitive industry. To say there are more successful traders in the world because of the Track n Trade product line would be an understatement. One of the greatest things about Track n Trade and Gecko Software as a whole is that their products are not just about using the software and that’s the end. Holding proper education for traders above all else, Track n Trade also has other fantastic educational and training materials for investors that comes along with any of their products such as the:

  • Track n Trade Educational Videos – With these you can learn by watching how to set your software up and this is done by real trades. Some people learn better by watching and they have considered this as well.
  • Track n Trade Online Manual – A vast online users manual that is constantly updated to show investors all the ins and outs of the Track n Trade software products.
  • Track n Trade Daily Webinars – 30 minute classes hosted by Track n Trade for additional help and training of various trading strategies and information.
  • Track n Trade Community Based Forum – This is very beneficial, especially for the Track n Trade newcomers. Read up on all the forum posts of interested, share different feedback and see how other traders are doing.
  • Track n Trade Support Forum – Numerous trading experts are here to assist you with all you’re trading needs or product questions. Track n Trade is one company who understands we all started at one time and we will all need some help along the way. Track n Trade is also one of the few that truly wants you to be successful.

Track N Trade – Exclusive Offer For Serious Traders

Gecko Software

The Track n Trade program is obviously very successful for many of the reasons listed above. It’s not just a program to buy and struggle through like so many others out there. With Track n Trade you can expect exceptional and ongoing support, training, forums and other assistance to ensure your success. The creators of Track n Trade know how valuable a trading tool is to a trader.

Track n Trade wants you to know how great their products are and are willing to let you take them for a test drive before investing any money in their products, an option that any good software should provide. For all of the Track n Trade products, investors can download them for a full 14 days to put them to the test! They are confident after this time you will see how amazing the Track n Trade program really is as well as the impact that it can have on your business. So you really don’t have nothing to lose on this one and perhaps a whole lot to gain by trying the award winning Track n Trade software today.

Visit Track n Trade for your FREE 14 day trial or a more detailed look at the Track n Trade product line of trading software and tools!

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